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"What a pleasurable surprise – an exhilarating lead performance that seems to hit all the right strings and resonates with powerful writing....A truly heartfelt piece. 4 stars."--Elisa Scubla, Critics Associated (7/29/13)

" May be the best of the new cinematic takes on immigration policies...excels mostly because of Carlyle’s performance and Lewy’s brilliant script...an exhilarating 95 minutes."--John Soltes, Hollywood Soapbox (3/23/13)

"Somber, sun-baked, underseen character study...Lewy's sensitively observed script avoids the clichéd meet-cutes and explosive rock-bottom descents...[Carlyle's] meatiest and most touching role since 'The Full Monty.'"--Aaron Hillis, Indiewire (3/6/13)

"A charming film with a lot of heart. Carlyle is perfect as the aged rocker whose life begins to unravel."--Red Carpet Crash (3/4/13)

"California Solo takes a similar path to that of The Wrestler, but it’s a far more pastoral, ultimately hopeful version of that story...Lewy is skilled at writing dialogue for scenes of awkward, uncomfortable, and even painful moments."--Popshifter (3/4/13)

"A fantastic Carlyle performance. Lewy knows this guy and his world, and generates sympathy and drama as his hero finds himself having to beg favors from the friends and family he's estranged during his decade in exile."--Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times (3/3/13)

" Never has [Carlyle] delivered such an incredibly moving performance like he does in California Solo....there’s a real power behind what happens, and you’ll leave the film feeling ready to face your own problems. It’s rare that a movie manages to truly inspire....With a fabulous soundtrack, gorgeous scenery, an outstanding lead performance, and a story that can connect with viewers, this is a must see film."--William Brownridge, Toronto Film Scene (3/1/13)

"It’s about time the gifted Robert Carlyle got his own American film....Carlyle grabs the role and makes it his, morphing him from the good guy to the thoughtless asshole in a few days."--Anne Brodie, Criticize This! (3/1/13)

"[Carlyle's] Lachlan often teeters precariously on the very precipice of protagonism, Lewy’s unsentimental script prodding him in darkly dangerous directions a less adventurous production would never dare explore....Lewy channels the Scotsman’s intensity with a fixated precision, embellishing Carlyle’s work with as much purpose as Carlyle does the words on his page."--Ronan Doyle, Next Projection (2/28/13)

"A pleasure to watch, with its pretty rural settings and glowing sunsets embraced by T. Griffin’s score...it’s Carlyle that provides all the high notes...with a layered performance that explores a turning point in a man’s life and his frustration--and occasional righteous fury--that things didn’t turn out as he had wanted or planned."--Linda Barnard, Toronto Star (2/28/13)

"Kathleen Wilhoite is terrific as [Lachlan's] leery American ex-wife....The narrative doesn’t go to the obvious place, and Carlyle is gloriously gloomy yet charming."--Susan G. Cole, NOW (2/28/13)

"Carlyle is magnificent...easily one of [his] best performances ever...A powerful character study that is sure to keep you engaged the entire time."--Video Views (Feb 2013)

"A beautiful and sincere performance...there is a lot to appreciate [about the film] and for that this is worth seeing."--Amos Lassen (1/31/13)

"A film worth seeing, acclaimed as one of Carlyle’s most endearing roles."--Sandra Varner, Talk2SV (1/15/13)

"Compelling...I was almost hypnotized by Carlyle’s character...A haunting story."--Tired of Previews (1/14/13)

"Beautifully done."--Jan Wahl, KCBS (1/11/13)

"Worth seeing as a showcase for the appealing Scottish actor Robert Carlyle...makes us feel for a character who, because of his guilt and capacity for sabotaging himself and others, might strike some viewers as not worth their sympathy."--Walter Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle (1/11/13)

"This is the kind of very good movie that surprises...Whoever actually sees the undeniably depressing-sounding California Solo will likely find it--and its star--endearing, poignant, ultimately upbeat. It's even sort of a perfect early-date movie."--Dennis Harvey, San Francisco Bay Guardian (1/8/13)

"Quiet, meditative movie...a powerful viewing experience....beautiful California landscapes...Carlyle is truly riveting to watch."--Filmoria (12/2/12)

"California Solo is the kind of character study that allows its plot to unfold naturally with minimal contrivances....The beauty of California Solo is that Lewy doesn’t give us the easy answers."
--The Film Stage (11/30/12)

"A wry, mournful study of midlife crisis...shaded and unpredictable."--Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times (11/29/12)

"Treats its themes with delicate tact and a precise eye. A side of Southern California rarely seen in movies, populated by agrarian Latinos and cagey refugees from failed lives elsewhere, and cinematographer James Laxton invests the place with a sleepy, golden grace. Strong supporting cast...finely observed."--Ella Taylor, NPR (11/29/12)

"A contemplative human drama...with a powerful message."--A.M. New York (11/29/12)

"Carlyle's gently subdued performance doesn't overplay the drama and Lewy avoids overstating the melodrama, so that even as California Solo plays like a track we've heard before, it's still worth a listen." --Eric Kohn, Indiewire (11/29/12)

"Few films these days match the emotional intensity of this one...Carlyle's character is in recent times, one of film’s most memorable personas."--Just Press Play (11/30/12)

"Carlyle gives a quietly engaging performance...a finely etched film."--Kyle Smith, NY Post (11/29/12)

"Carlyle’s performance is fascinating in its naturalism, and he wears this character like a scarf: comfortably, but close to the heart."--The Playlist (11/29/12)

"Robert Carlyle is reason enough to stick with this odd and interesting little sleeper. The Scottish actor is wonderfully transparent and natural...There's a lovely gravity and specificity to the story."--Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly (11/28/12)

" A disarming and involving character study...Carlyle brings a stirring vulnerability to a role that gives him room to work his charms, but also to work in silence with equal strength. In a season that's packed with big-budget headline-grabbers, it's hard for a quiet but compelling film such as California Solo to get a little attention. Make the effort to find it; you won't be sorry."--Marshall Fine, Huffington Post (11/27/12)

"The versatile, underrated Robert Carlyle finally gets a starring role...the star is vibrant and touching in every scene...In a bravura performance that is the primary don’t-miss reason for its existence, he gives California Solo all he’s got; even in scenes that just exist to pass the time, his presence informs the essence of the man he plays and the humanity of the film itself."--Rex Reed, New York Observer (11/27/12)

"Carlyle's best feature in years...a tough, tender turn."--Sam Adams, Time Out NY (11/27/12)

"A fascinating profile of a man"--Tomas Hachard, Slant Magazine (11/26/12)

"A terrific performance"--Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine (11/26/12)

"Carlyle sinks his teeth in, delivering a truly remarkable performance."--Cole Smithey (11/23/12)

"A welcomingly genteel affair that forgoes the harshest clichés and relegates the most drastic developments to backstory. It’s a pleasant surprise, and one that frees director Marshall Lewy up to pursue a warmer and altogether more affecting tale of strife and sorrow....Carlyle is simply superb...his performance earning sympathy without ever making an obvious play for it....The supporting cast are similarly compelling."
--HeyUGuys (7/4/12)

"Accompanied by an exquisite playlist, California Solo proves itself an enjoyable story of pain and loss with the possibility of redemption....Carlyle is in top form in California Solo creating a character that doesn’t deserve your sympathy but one that garners it nonetheless."--EatSleepLiveFilm (6/30/12)

"An open and utterly human performance from Robert Carlyle."--The Telegraph (6/28/12)

"Beautifully shot in an understated, unflashy way and there isn't a moment that doesn't feel completely real...A truly affecting and realistic sad song of a film that avoids clichés and is driven by a blisteringly raw and vulnerable performance from Robert Carlyle... despite some of the incredibly memorable performances he's given over the years, there's a good chance that this will be remembered as his best."--Movie Muser (6/28/12)

"Emotionally complex...a slow-burn character piece, designed to showcase Carlyle’s talent...There are shades of previous angry young men he’s played in the past but this is something we’ve not seen from Robert Carlyle in some time. While this might not be his most iconic role, there’s every chance it’s his finest hour so far as an actor."--STV (6/27/12)

"I found myself engrossed by Carlyle’s sympathetic performance...and by the film. It’s a reminder of what an effortlessly engaging actor he is....he clearly wants to do work that means something to him, and to support small projects that need it, and California Solo is a welcome reminder of his considerable talent."--WhatCulture! (6/27/12)

"Lewy’s film excels as an engaging character study with the help of an exceptional performance from its lead star...showcasing one of the strongest performances of his career. This utterly convincing, raw and natural turn makes for a thoroughly engaging watch....Praise must also go to Savannah Lathem for a wonderfully delicate performance as [his] estranged daughter."
--The People's Movies (6/25/12)

"It's no surprise that Carlyle is terrific. What's less expected is the fine screenplay from director Marshall Lewy....It makes its points about the need to accept and face the past without resorting to easy sentiment, and is all the more moving for it. Highly recommended."--Uncle Frank's Film Blog (6/24/12)

"Might have something in eye after California Solo. Excellent performance from Robert Carlyle."--ViewLondon (6/24/12)

"Steers a delicate path around both dodgy drunk and indie relationship cliches...avoids the trite path to redemption, choosing instead to keep this a study of man in midlife crisis understated and realistic....Carlyle is the key to the film's attraction, leavening the self-centred Lachlan with thinly veiled grief and a dawning realisation of the need to change."--Eye For Film (6/17/12)

"Lewy and cameraman James Laxton capture a side of Los Angeles seldom seen on film from the sprawling farmlands and blue-collar roadhouses outside the city to the neighborhood farmers markets where Lachlan sets up shop. California Solo is beautiful to watch but it's all about Robert Carlyle and his incredible lead performance. Four stars."--Upcoming Movies (2/7/12)

"An unexpected gem, Solo features a stunning central performance from Carlyle – perhaps his best since Trainspotting’s Begbie – and don’t be surprised if this turns up during the 2013 awards season (think Crazy Heart with a Scottish Madchester veteran)."--Total Film (1/31/12)

"Robert Carlyle’s soulful...layered performance as an embittered musician facing his demons gives this fragile drama emotional heft."--The Hollywood Reporter (1/25/12)

"A touching drama that gives marvelous actor Robert Carlyle a great character part into which he can sink his teeth."--The Huffington Post (1/18/12)



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